Washington, DC

As the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC metro area was one of the homes of Daymuse Studios in its early years, several of our client home bases are in the area. We work with a variety of non-profit entities headquartered in the district. Many are related to The George Washington University. We also work with enterprise business in the area that typically works on federal government projects.

Many of our clients in this area need professional services and consulting, especially training, in content management systems like Drupal. Our team is frequently in the area of meetings, training sessions, and consulting.

Projects we've produced with clients in the Washington, DC region are below.

Drupal Implementation of JNPM.org

New design and Drupal CMS for The Journal of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

With the help of Daymuse, and a new clean design, JNPM desired a transformation of their web precense. In their words:

[JNPM] would like to move to a CMS with added functionality and create a more cutting-edge design...the goal of the website is to have significantly more functionality and have a professional appearance on par with [our peers].


Massage is More than Just Feeling Good

AbsolutelyMassage.com is the virtual information and appointment tool for the leading ART certified massage therapy practice in the Northern Virginia region.Sherry Moeser graduated from AKS Massage Therapy School in Herndon, VA in January 2011. Sherry is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and state licensed by the Virginia Board of Nursing. Sherry graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Event Management and Tourism and worked in the event planning industry prior to her massage profession.

Payment Transformation Initiative

User Interface for Modeling & Analysis

Our client was seeking an organization to take internally created visual designs and convert them to a functional user interface. This UI would feature rich interface components heavily reliant on JavaScript for asynchronous actions. Daymuse developed an HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript-based front-end that later served as the basis for the fully functional product. This internal tool would be used by their clients for better data analysis and modeling.

Marriott Package Finder

"We want an IE6-compatible, auto-completing, HTML/jQuery-based widget"

Marriott wanted to rebuild their package finding system and in that, a new front-end.  This new finder widget’s UI would use jQuery and modern CSS/XHTML to provide a useable interface.

GW Science & Engineering Newsletter

"Make it compatible with nearly 30 e-mail clients"

The George Washington University Science & Engineering Complex is a new multi-hundred-million dollar complex being constructed in DC on GWU’s campus.  The upcoming programs, construction, and ideas needed to be communicated to the the greater University population and neighbors.

They needed an e-mail template that would be on brand and flexible.  The e-mail template needed to be compatible with nearly 30 different e-mail clients, it’s always surprising to people that e-mail template cross-compatability can be more difficult than browser cross-compatability!

GW Alumni & Development Mobile

"We maintain our site via Dreamweaver Templates and want a cross-compatible Mobile Site"

Alumni & Development, part of The George Washington University, was seeking a mobile version of their website.  They needed a top-to-bottom approach for design and wanted full compatibility with the major smartphones on the market.

GW Today Mobile

"This should work as both a Mobile Site and possible E-mail Template -- and it should work on major Smartphones"

GW Today, The George Washington University’s premiere news source, was seeking a mobile version of their website.  They needed a top-to-bottom approach for design and wanted full compatibility with the major smartphones on the market.

The George Washington University: Phase 2 of Universal Web Precense

"We're building a Design System for over 700,000 pages and dozens of organizations"

The George Washington University, in Washington DC, has been working to centralize their branding and design approach for the past few years.  The Universal Web Presence is a multi-million dollar initiative to do just that.  The project focuses on the eventual goal of unifying the design of the University’s some 700,000 web pages and dozens of Colleges, Divisions, and Departments.

GWU Design Review

"There's several Schools & Colleges representing different Business Units and dozens of Internal Organizations...And we need a Design System"

While GWU was undergoing a thorough change to their web presence via the Universal Web Presence initiative, the University was also undergoing a design review of their individual schools and branding.  This yielded many new design ideas, some of which have been implemented and some of which remain (and probably always will be) as concepts.  I’ve been involved with providing technical expertise for the Visual Design and Information Architecture teams as well as front-end prototyping.


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