The George Washington University: Phase 2 of Universal Web Precense

"We're building a Design System for over 700,000 pages and dozens of organizations"

The George Washington University, in Washington DC, has been working to centralize their branding and design approach for the past few years.  The Universal Web Presence is a multi-million dollar initiative to do just that.  The project focuses on the eventual goal of unifying the design of the University’s some 700,000 web pages and dozens of Colleges, Divisions, and Departments.

While the University has employed dozens of resources and contractors to make this initiative happen over the past few years, my role has been as the lead site developer and as such I’ve been involved in a myriad of technologies back-to-front.

Visual Design
Information Architecture
Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Search Engine Optimization
Drupal 7
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