Our Web Design, Development, Hosting & CMS Services

Daymuse helps organizations bring their ideas, products, and values to market with a consisent web presence.

We work with small business, higher education, enterprise, and government organizations to provide creative web design and development solutions. We do this through a diverse range of services, utilizing open source software as a keystone of our projects. Our projects start with the most important question, first: 

How can we make you more successful through this project?

Content Management System Implementation

Our primary business is in the implementation and creative application of open source Content Management Systems (CMS). We work within these communities to assist with their continued development and growth, a symbiotic relationship. Much of the value our clients derive from our work is based upon the open source software created by thousands of developers around the world. We work with several CMS:

  • Drupal: Our most often implemented platform, Drupal, offers a vast set of use-cases which the system can be implemented to support. Drupal is highly flexible because of its massive library of contributed modules.
  • Wordpress: We utilize Wordpress because of its ease-of-use for administrators and straightforward application of an expandable blogging system.
  • MediaWiki: Some of our clients have long histories and large user-bases. Often, these clients generate massive amounts of content which needs to be archived and yet accessible over the web. MediaWiki, the technology behind Wikipedia, is often the best solution to this problem.

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Custom Web Development & Design

Our key backend development knowledge resides within the Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP stack of technologies. Although our primary business is associated with the implementation of open source software, we do provide innovative custom solutions within our core technology competency. This includes customization to existing open source software. 

Our team also works with JavaScript -- especially libraries like jQuery and frameworks like Bootstrap -- to create highly interactive, dynamic user interfaces.

Support Services

We do not create static projects that, on launch date, are finished. We help our clients create processes and workflow to grow their site content, interact with their users, and continue to expand their web presence. You may choose to have us continue to help you with this process. We offer support service under a retainer or through hourly billing. Most of our clients find enough value in our retained support service to renew their contract.

Managed Hosting

Daymuse did not intially provide any hosted project service. After our first handfull of projects, it became apparent that a key need for our clients was to have us host their database and code. Of course, this meant we'd need to maintain the underlying software operating system, server hardware, and connection to the Internet. Ultimately, we began to offer a Managed Hosting service. Over the years, Daymuse has transitioned all of its hosted services to the Amazon-based Cloud. Our high-powered Linux servers are maintained and updated in-house. This enables us to provide clients with a wide ranger of server-based services aside from basic web hosting.

Some examples of typical system integration when utilizing Daymuse-provided Managed Hosting include: Varnish reverse proxy caching, Memcache database caching, Git-based version control and environment management, Apache Solr enterprise search integration, and database archiving with recovery.

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