Bring Drupal 7 to The School of Medicine and Health Sciences at GWU

Reimplement an Existing Brand Across Thousands of Pages and Dozens of Subsites

Daymuse has had a long, fruitful partnership with The George Washington University. Recently, we created a modern HTML5-based front-end for the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) at GW to utilize for their various web projects. Eventually, the decision was made to reimplement this front-end within the context of the Drupal 7 Content Management System.

SMHS reached out to have Daymuse Studios implement the design within Drupal. This meant that the system would need to accommodate SMHS's dozens of subsites (each Department or Program, for example) with thousands of pages, hundreds of users, and dozens of stakeholders. Daymuse worked with the SMHS Web Team as an integral source of expertise and implementation. The system would need to support millions of visitors across vastly different browsers and devices.

Daymuse Studios and SMHS launched the new platform in early 2013, one which is still evolving.

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