Redesign to Increase Your Bottomline

Did you know that website redesign can act as a marketing tool to increase your bottom line?

Here’s a few ways that it can:  

  1. Your website will appear higher in search engines. What does this mean? Well, you are increasing your brand equity by reaching a greater audience and thus increasing brand awareness and value. Those new views on your site could turn into dollars on your bottomline either as customers in your storefront or on your e-commerce site.
  2. Let’s not forget how a redesign can give your site a refreshing appearance that’s visually appealing and attractive to new and old customers. You attract more users, and make your site more appealing and intuitive while also communicating your brand and business to the customer.
  3. You’ll have the latest technologies and plugins, which will ensure browser compatibility and visual accessibility. Your website will have faster loading and processing speeds, making your site more user friendly.

Did you know that Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox don’t always agree on how to display your website, and that doesn’t include the slew of mobile devices out there making their interpretations on how your site should look. Your website can end up malfunctioning or at best, some of your elements will be displaced and/or overlapping text. You can even opt for a mobile-first design approach for your redesign to ensure multi-browser capability with a creative responsive design to impress your customers. 


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