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We're Daymuse: a web agency with expertise in design, development, and strategy. We craft interactive experiences for organizations to bring their ideas, products, and values to a consistent web presence. Whether you're selling to, informing, or connecting with your customers: we're with you to succeed on your terms.

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Make a Hello Bar Alternative for Wordpress with MailChimp Email Signup

Make Your Own Hello Bar Alternative with MailChimp Integration in Wordpress

 Friday, May 01, 2015

Tired of searching for an alternative to Hello Bar? Don't want to spend the money on it? Create your own with this 6 step guide! Integrate with MailChimp!

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Daymuse Studios provides multiple service level agreements. If you're looking for a home on the web, Managed Hosting will keep your web presence humming along safe and secure. Retained Support is available for organizations with greater demand that can batch change requests and expertise inquiries into reserved monthly time allowances.

 What are your design & development specialties?

Our professional web designers and developers implement open source software. Most of our projects are based on Content Management Systems such as Drupal, MediaWiki, and Wordpress.

We utilize a variety of Adobe design products to brand and layout new systems.

 How does your project process work?

Our process is highly interactive and iterative: we'll work together through every step of the process with constant communication. We follow a phased-approach to developing projects. Our projects begin with Discovery and proceed to Proposal, Implementation, Quality Assurance & Testing, and end with Project Launch.

 Who else do you work with?

While based out of Richmond, VA—our team works with variety of clients, from sole proprietorships to multi-nationals. The consistent thread among our clients is their evolving web presences: we do not build static pages on the Internet. Our customers form a community: often sharing new features and functionality, generating value for everyone. Join our community.

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